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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Random musings I jot out from time to time

Independent and Transcendent.
Free from space and time,
above and beyond mere mortal minds.
Infinite and self-sufficient.
The only non-contingent.
Genderless and ONE.
Brighter than the sun.
The past is behind us
The future has begun...

Exchanges of information
Various intonations and infinite manifestations
of a single source.
An all-powerful force which lacks nothing.
It itself is NO-thing. It simply IS.

Beyond categories of being and non-being
Seeing without seeing
The mind's eye
Becomes aware
Embracing the face of truth
Erasing the place of non-truth
All things unite
Darkness turns to light

A process of transmutation
An act of contemplation
An indescribable sensation
Breaks the limits of imagination
A myriad of manifestation
The arrival of the Ultimate Destination
Begins within

Proportion and Symmetry
A Cosmic Symphony
A flower blooms from a universal egg
A bee builds its hive
A spider weaves its web
Intrinsic Design exists behind the veil of illusion
Beyond all confusion exists a logical conclusion
Remove that veil and perceive reality with clarity and sincerity.

A world of sounds and stimuli
Confronts all sentinent beings
Consciousness expands forward
Towards unification
A Universal population

Egos fade away.....

Patterns of recognition
Filtered through the senses
Physical limitations
Exceed no expectation
Interpreted by mind, no longer blind
Transitioning into the sublime
Entering eternity from the realm of time
Reason has found its rhyme
I like to play with words
and conjugate verbs
You say "Be"
I say "Being"
You say "See"
I say "Seeing"
X. Y and Z
are the elements of 3 dimensionality

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