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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mandarin Practice Part One

我叫 Brandon. 我是老师. 我是美国人.Wo hui shuo Hanyu yi dian ke shi wo shuo de bu hao. Wo yao xue xi geng duo Hanyu. 我喜欢中国, Zhong guo ren he Zhong guo cai. Ni ming bai ma? Wo xiang yao xue xi Hanyu mei tian ke shi wo bu hui yinwei wo mei you shi jian....Wo zai Tai guo....我会说一点中文. Wo hui shuo yi dian Zhongwen.我说的不好. Wo shuo de bu hao.我喜欢中国. Wo xi huan Zhong guo.我是美国人. Wo shi Meiguoren.我是老师. Wo shi laoshi.你喜欢什么? Ni xi huan shen me?

First Blog


This is just a test blog. I just discovered this site recently. I've been posting blogs and pictures of my travels around Asia on but I'm getting kind of sick of that site so I think I'll start posting here instead.

If you don't know me here's a short bio:

My name is Brandon Fike and as of Feb. 4, 2008 I will be 28 years old. I basically grew up in Simi Valley, California (1989 - 2000) . I graduated from a very small University in a very small town in Tennessee in 2003. I received a Bachelor's Degree with two majors: Psychology and Philosophy. I don't study Psychology much anymore aside from Jung and William James but I do enjoying reading all sorts of Philosophy books and History of Philosophy books.

2 weeks after I graduated from College I flew to Wuhan, China to teach English at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. It was an interesting year.

After I completed my contract there I went back to California for about 5 months but I wasn't really able to find work there and I didn't have a car because my parents sold it after I left the states (and kept the money for themselves) and my parents wouldn't help me with graduate school or anything really so I accepted a job offer in South Korea and flew there in Feb. 2005.

The salary was ok and South Korea is a nice country but I HATED my job and I did not get along with the people I worked with at all. It's a long story but after about 4 or 5 months I quit and took a boat back to China after accepting a job offer from a language school in Tangshan (Hebei) which is close to Beijing. That was a good experience. A very good experience. I learned some more mandarin, worked with an awesome staff and spent a lot of time in Beijing. It was fun. I stayed there for 6 or 7 months.

Then in Feb. 2006 I went back to Wuhan to work for the China University of Geosciences for a semester. That was also pretty fun and I liked the people I worked with there.

I went back to California that summer and stayed for an entire year. I worked as a video game tester and a substitute teacher. Then I flew to Thailand in June 2007 and I've been working here since then.

In March I'm going back to China to work in Changsha for a year.