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Monday, March 29, 2010

Michel Foucault

More Bass Toys

Digitech Bass Whammy

I got to get me one of these!!

Korg MicroKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder

I love synthesizers and Vocoders! I think this is the kind that Polysics use! Only $400...not bad!

Visually Satisfying

How to make 酸辣土豆丝



Friday, March 26, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Refutation of conspiracy theories

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charles Sanders Peirce Books I'd like to own

Main editions

Collected Papers (CP)

* Peirce, C. S., Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce, vols. 1–6, 1931–1935, Charles Hartshorne and Paul Weiss, eds., vols. 7–8, 1958, Arthur W. Burks, ed., Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA.

* Volume 1, Principles of Philosophy, 1931.
* Volume 2, Elements of Logic, 1932.
* Volume 3, Exact Logic (Published Papers), 1933.
* Volume 4, The Simplest Mathematics, 1933, 601 pages.
* Volume 5, Pragmatism and Pragmaticism, 1934.
* Volume 6, Scientific Metaphysics, 1935.
* Volume 7, Science and Philosophy, 1958.
* Volume 8, Reviews, Correspondence, and Bibliography, 1958.

* For table of contents of each volume, see Collected Papers in "Schriften von Charles Sanders Peirce" at the German Wikipedia (contents in English).

Philosophical Writings of Peirce (PWP)

* Peirce, C. S., Philosophical Writings of Peirce, Justus Buchler (ed.), first published as The Philosophy of Peirce: Selected Writings, New York: Dover, 1940. Reprinted, Dover, 1955, 386 pages, paperback (ISBN 978-0486202174, ISBN 0486202178), Dover catalog page. Reprinted, 2000, under original title, 386 pages, in series D. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Anglo-American Philosophy, Routledge, hardcovers (ISBN 978-0415225748, ISBN 0415225744).

Preface vii
Introduction ix
1. Concerning the Author 1
2. The Fixation of Belief 5
3. How to Make Our Ideas Clear 23
4. The Scientific Attitude and Fallibilism 42
5. Philosophy and the Sciences: A Classification 60
6. The Principles of Phenomenology 74
7. Logic as Semiotic: The Theory of Signs 98
8. The Criterion of Validity in Reasoning 120
9. What is a Leading Principle? 129
10. The Nature of Mathematics 135
11. Abduction and Induction 150
12. On the Doctrine of Chances, with Later Reflections 157
13. The Probability of Induction 174
14. The General Theory of Probable Inference 190
15. Uniformity 218
16. Some Consequences of Four Incapacities 228
17. The Essentials of Pragmatism 251
18. Pragmatism in Retrospect: A Last Formulation 269
19. Critical Common-sensism 290
20. Perceptual Judgments 302
21. Two Notes: on Motives, on Percepts 306
22. The Approach to Metaphysics 310
23. The Architecture of Theories 315
24. The Doctrine of Necessity Examined 324
25. The Law of Mind 339
26. Synechism, Fallibilism, and Evolution 354
27. Evolutionary Love 361
28. The Concept of God 375
Notes 379
Index 381

Peirce on Signs: Writings on Semiotic (PSWS)

* Peirce, C. S., Peirce on Signs: Writings on Semiotic, James Hoopes (ed.), paper, 294 pp., University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC, 1994, UNCP catalog page, ISBN 978-0-8078-4342-0.

Acknowledgments vii
Introduction 1
1. An Essay on the Limits of Religious Thought Written to Prove That We Can Reason upon the Nature of God 14
2. [A Treatise on Metaphysics] 16
3. On a New List of Categories 23
4. Questions concerning Certain Faculties Claimed for Man 34
5. Some Consequences of Four Incapacities 54
6. Grounds of the Validity of the Laws of Logic: Further Consequences of Four Incapacities 85
7. [Fraser's The Works of George Berkeley] 116
8. On the Nature of Signs 141
9. The Fixation of Belief 144
10. How to Make Our Ideas Clear 160
11. One, Two, Three: Fundamental Categories of Thought and of Nature 180
12. A Guess at the Riddle 186
13. James's Psychology 203
14. Mans Glassy Essence 212
15. Minute Logic 231
16. Sign 239
17. Lectures on Pragmatism 241
18. ["Pragmatism" Defined] 246
19. Prolegomena to an Apology for Pragmaticism 249
20. The Basis of Pragmatism 253
21. A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God 260
Bibliography 279
Index 281

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Study of History

A Study of History
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Study of History is the 12-volume magnum opus of British historian Arnold J. Toynbee, finished in 1961. In this immensely detailed and complex work, Toynbee traces the birth, growth and decay of some 21 to 23 major civilizations in the world. These are: Egyptian, Andean, Sinic, Minoan, Sumerian, Mayan, Indic, Hittite, Hellenic, Western, Orthodox Christian (Russia), Far Eastern (Japan), Orthodox Christian (main body), Far Eastern (main body), Persian, Arabic, Hindu, Mexican, Yucatec, and Babylonic. There are four 'abortive civilizations' (Abortive Far Western Christian, Abortive Far Eastern Christian, Abortive Scandinavian, Abortive Syriac) and five 'arrested civilizations' (Polynesian, Eskimo, Nomadic, Ottoman, Spartan); thirty in all.

Toynbee applies his model to each of these civilizations, painstakingly detailing the stages through which they all pass: genesis, growth, time of troubles, universal state, and disintegration.


* A Study of History
o Vol I: Introduction; The Geneses of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1934)
o Vol II: The Geneses of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1934)
o Vol III: The Growths of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1934)
o Vol IV: The Breakdowns of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1939)
o Vol V: The Disintegrations of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1939)
o Vol VI: The Disintegrations of Civilizations (Oxford University Press 1939)
o Vol VII: Universal States; Universal Churches (Oxford University Press 1954)
o Vol VIII: Heroic Ages; Contacts between Civilizations in Space (Oxford University Press 1954)
o Vol IX: Contacts between Civilizations in Time; Law and Freedom in History; The Prospects of the Western Civilization (Oxford University Press 1954)
o Vol X: The Inspirations of Historians; A Note on Chronology (Oxford University Press 1954)
o Vol XI: Historical Atlas and Gazetteer (Oxford University Press 1959)
o Vol XII: Reconsiderations (Oxford University Press 1961)
* D. C. Somervell, A Study of History: Abridgement of Vols I-VI, with a preface by Toynbee (Oxford University Press 1946)
* D. C. Somervell, A Study of History: Abridgement of Vols I-X in one volume, with a new preface by Toynbee and new tables (Oxford University Press 1960)

4 Books that everyone should read

Distribution of Wealth in America

There is very little data about the distribution of wealth in America. There is one source, the Survey of Consumer Finances, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Board, that does provide data from 1983.

These data suggest that wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small number of families. The wealthiest 1 percent of families owns roughly 34.3% of the nation's net worth, the top 10% of families owns over 71%, and the bottom 40% of the population owns way less than 1%.

The distribution of wealth is much more unequal than the distribution of income, especially when focussing on the bottom 60% of all households. The bottom 60% of households possess only 4% of the nation's wealth while it earns 26.8% of all income.

US wealth distribution: 10% of US citizens own 70.9% of all US assets.

Top 1% own 38.1%
Top 96-99% own 21.3%
Top 90-95% own 11.5%
And it gets much uglier as you proceed downward. Bottom 40% of population has 0.2% of all wealth.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA

I'd give almost anything to attend this school! I love the curriculum...maybe when I am 50 or 60 I'll be able to afford to go. Right now I have 30K in student loans (which are in default) that I need to pay off before I can think about going back to school. I'd way rather go to a Great Books school than Graduate school.

Well, until I can afford to go to a school like this I can read some of the books from the curriculum.

Mandarin Practice

Wo ba na xie mei yond de dong xi dou rengdiao (to throw away) le.
I took those useless things and threw them all away.

Wo bu shi ge hao ren, wangdiao (to forget completely) wo ba.
I'm not a good person. Just go ahead and forget about me.

Wo mai de shi ershoufang (secondhand home), yao chongxin (again)
zhuangxiu (to renovate) yi xia.
The house I bought has already been lived in. It has to be renovated a bit.

Wangdiao (to forget completely) guoqu (the past), women
chongxin (anew) kai shi ba.
Forget the past. Let's start anew.

The boss isn't very satisfied with this report. Let me write a new one.
Laoban bu tai man yi zhe ge baogao (report), rang wo chongxin (again) xie yi ge.

There's no time to get the money. It'd be better to run for our lives.
Laibuji (not enough time) na qian le, haishi (it would be better to) taoming (escapable) yao jin (tight).

Dizhen (earthquake) de shi hou, ying gai zen me taoming (to run for one's life) ?
When there is an earthquake, how should one escape with their life?

Konglong (dinosaur) lai le, dai jia kuai taoming a!
It's a dinosaur. Everyone, hurry and run for your lives!

When he was thirty years old, he made his aspiration a reality:
he became an airplane pilot.
Ta zai san shi sui de shi hou shixian (to realize) le zi ji de
lixiang (ideal), dangshang (to become) feixingyuan (pilot) le.

When will my dreams finally come true?
Wo de yuanwang (wish) shen me shi hou cai neng (can finally)
shi xian (to realize) a ?

2007 - 2010

Looking over my blog I just realized that I made over 100 posts in 2008 but only 1 post in 2009. I think that's hilarious.

When did I even start this blog? Back in 2007 I believe when I was still in Thailand but preparing to go to Changsha.

Wish I had something interesting or funny to blog about right now but I don't. These past couple of months in California have been extremely dull and uneventful...but at least I'm writing music again and getting some reading done.

2 movies I haven't seen yet.

I also want to see "Revolver" by Guy Ritchie.

I want one of these....

I've been writing a lot of riffs lately and recording them with a cheap mic onto my brother's labtop....but the quality is obviously poor so I want to get this little digital 8-track....Tascam DP-008 PORTABLE 8TR DIGITAL POCKETSTUDIO

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pic of me in Changsha, China in 2008

When I was in Changsha I used to attend an "English Corner" about once a week at a posh 5-star hotel downtown. Native English speakers, like myself, could either get a free glass of red wine or three bottles of beer. Somedays I opted for wine, somedays for beer but I usually ended up buying a few more after the first...or third, haha.

The shirt I'm wearing says "Shaolin Temple" in Chinese characters and I actually purchased it at Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, China!

Pics of me rocking out in Tianjin, China in 2009

The name of this band was D00D and consisted of myself on bass, a Korean drummer, Chinese vocalist, American guitarist and a Chinese guitarist. They had been rehearsing for a few months with a Chinese bass player but he had to leave Tianjin and go to Beijing for some reason(s) so I filled in for a show one night. We only played 4 or 5 songs and there wasn't a huge (or enthusiastic) audience but it was fun to play music on a stage again and I like how some of the pictures came out.

More Mandarin

Don't smoke here. It's easy to catch fire.
Bie zai zhe li xiyan (to smoke), rong yi zhao huo.

During the night last night, the neighbor's house caught on fire.
Zuo tian yeli (in the night), linju (neighbor) jia de fangzi zhao huo (caught fire) le.

Wo ba yifu dou xi le.
I've cleaned all of the clothes.

Zao le (oh now), wo ba yaoshi (key) wang zai jia le le.
Oh no! I forgot the keys in the house.

Ni zen me neng ba xiangjiaopi (banana peel) zai dishang (on the ground) ?
How can you just throw the banana peel on the floor?

Ta ba qiannanyou (ex-bf) xie gei ta de xin (letters) dou shao (to burn) le.
She took all of the letters her ex-boyfriend wrote for her and burned them.

That mountain caught on fire. The flames burned for three days and three nights.
Na zuo (measure word) shan zhao huo le, da huo shao le san tian san ye (night).

Wo men jia dou shi wo tai tai shaofan (to cook).
In our home, my wife does all the cooking.

Ta bu xiao xin ba fang zi shaodiao (to burn down) le.
In his carelessness, he burned the house down.


Haven't posted anything here in a while....left China in September 2009 and have been back in the USA since then....looking for a new job now but the economy here is lousy....thinking about going to school to become an EMT and also thinking about doing some background acting for random movies in Hollywood.

I completely forgot about this blog and haven't really used it much for the past year or two...I guess that's because I started having trouble accessing it when I was in China (along with Myspace, Facebook and youtube) so I just stopped thinking about.

Since I've been back in the states (came back in September 2009) I've had some interesting experiences which I wish I would have remembered to blog about. I stayed in Colorado with my grandparents for a few months, met my uncles and cousins for Thanksgiving in Texas for the first time in my life, spent a weekend in Portland, Oregon with a friend who I met in Wuhan China sometime around 2005 or 2006, stayed with a "friend" from elementary school in Keller, Texas for several frustrating weeks and then rode a bus from Texas to Los Angeles where my friend's sister picked me up and took me to Simi Valley, California. I stayed in her spare room for about a month and tried to find a job in the area but did not succeed so one of my brothers, Jarrod, invited me to move into his apartment with him in Fillmore, California. I guess I've been in Fillmore for about 2 months now and have continued to apply for jobs weekly (sometimes daily) all throughout Ventura county and am still unemployed which really sucks because I hate having this much free time on my hands and zero income. I can't even afford gas now....hopefully, something will open up before the end of the year and then I can take a 6-month EMT course and do some background work in Hollywood for extra cash and for the experience itself.

I'd also like to purchase some new bass strings and an affordable digital 8-track so that I can start recording some of my new musical ideas. I've been listening to bands like Polysics, Lightning Bolt and Street Sweeper Social Club and have been inspired to start composing some new material. When I have a source of income once again I'd also like to invest in some effects pedals for my bass.

Been watching a lot of movies recently and reading a lot of books....I'll write more about that later.