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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Text Messages

I get some really awesome/hilarious text messages sometimes so I gonna post a few here before I delete them off my mobile.

1.) "Well. because you wear a nice hat in class, (it's my view). and you smile morethan before, and we all think the game was interesting" (Message from a student explaining why her and her friends thought I was 'cute' in class)

2.) "there is a bad guy in Heros, when he point somebody's forhead, he die. i just wish i have this power. when i point at cocoroach, they blast" (Friend in Beijing who hates cockroaches and loves the TV show "Heroes")

3.) "You are very lovely and interesting! I'm very happy!" (Message from a student named "Ivy")

4.) "Amy is arguing for lao tze over confucius with the taxi driver. I'm trying not to chunder and pulling on my 25 kuai cig." (Message from Slav, my English colleague/friend)

5.) "Me so hate japan, and so on" (Slav imitating a local resident)

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