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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Further Musings

The Paradigm shifts and lifts the obstacles from the past off the beaten path.
Anomalies are swept under the rug and forgotten.
Security is restored and temporarily maintained….yet questions remain.

We look ahead towards the unknown briefly
Then return to the daily grind
As if nothing happened.
Generations forget…..

Appearance and reality
Share a limited correspondence
Limited by sense perception
And mental deception
We only fool ourselves

Judging books by their covers
Has become the norm

Existence or Essence?
Past or Present?
Reality or Imagination?
Moving in quickly or with hesitation?

Eternal questions fill the airwaves
Cognitive transistors act as receptors

Information is intercepted and interpreted
From a subjective point of view
Results will vary because the truth can be scary.

Some ideas are related.
Some egos are inflated.

Some men have cognitive ‘eyes’
Some are completely blind

Standards of evidence differ
Who knows themselves?

Approaches differ
Is everything arbitrary?

Biological entities
Products of arbitraty conventions and traditions
Looking for something to live or die for.

Praising/Glorifying the rich
Ignoring the poor

Various systems interpreting phenomenon
Intelligent machines living on cybertron

Is there a pattern in the randomness of what we call reality?
There’s a fine line between genius and insanity.

People sleeping through earthquakes
People afraid to make mistakes

Fragile egos abound
What goes up must come down

Authority and power
Blend the sweet with the sour

Evolution evolves
Yet natures’ problems remain unsolved
Men wearing white coats guarantee resolve

People cling to their cause
But few of them pause
To take a second thought
Because it’s easier to be a robot

You’re not me and I’m not you
So, how can you tell me what I should do?
What works for you may not work for me
I want to sit down, you want to climb a tree.

Nature and nurture make us what we are.
So, how free are we?
And who can pretend to know?

It appears to be as random as a roll of the dice.
So, be sure to think twice before making judgement calls.
We’re cast into situations beyond our control.
And some of us are destined to fall.

So, is a hope a delusion or necessary for survival?
Pessimism results in religious revivals.

And society holds us libel for our actions
So, that’s a starting point

Let me ramble and gamble with the future.
Let me try something new.
Feels like it’s all be done before though.
Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

I try to express myself through symbols and signs
I make sounds with my mouth to express what’s in my mind.

However, my attempts at communication remain limited.
I’m often misunderstood but sometimes complimented/resented.

How plausible is a technological singularity?
Some men of science support the notion
With the utmost sincerity.

The border between biology and tehcnology
Becomes grayer everyday
Which will eventually result in celebration or utter dismay.

Is this evolution’s solution? The next stage of progress?

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