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Friday, August 15, 2008

A bit of Mandarin...

1.) I want to learn about Asian culture, especially China and Japan (probably should be 'Chinese' and 'Japanese' instead of 'China' and 'Japan').

Wo yao xue xi guan yu (about) Ya zhou (Asian) de wen hua, you qi shi (especially) Zhong guo he Ri ben.

I'd been wanting to learn the words for 'Asia(n)' and 'especially' for a few days and now that I finally remembered to ask someone I'm making this digital note to myself so that I don't forget!

Here's another phrase with a few other words I still need to memorize:

2.) Speak loudly so that everyone can hear your voice.

Da sheng de shuo zhe yang (so that) mei ge ren ke yi ting dao ni de sheng yin (voice).

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