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Monday, July 26, 2010

Word Power


1.causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful: pernicious teachings; a pernicious lie.
2.deadly; fatal: a pernicious disease.
3.Obsolete . evil; wicked.

1. harmful, detrimental, deleterious, destructive, damaging, baneful, noxious, malicious. 2. lethal.



1.generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness: to be magnanimous toward one's enemies.
2.high-minded; noble: a just and magnanimous ruler.
3.proceeding from or revealing generosity or nobility of mind, character, etc.: a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness.

1. big, liberal, unspiteful. 2. See noble.


1.without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities; vapid: an insipid personality.
2.without sufficient taste to be pleasing, as food or drink; bland: a rather insipid soup.

1, 2. flat, dull, uninteresting. 2. tasteless, bland.



1.intended to entrap or beguile: an insidious plan.
2.stealthily treacherous or deceitful: an insidious enemy.
3.operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect: an insidious disease.

1. corrupting. 2. artful, cunning, wily, subtle, crafty.



1.not harmful or injurious; harmless: an innocuous home remedy.
2.not likely to irritate or offend; inoffensive; an innocuous remark.
3.not interesting, stimulating, or significant; pallid; insipid: an innocuous novel.

   /ˈdubiəs, ˈdyu-/


1.doubtful; marked by or occasioning doubt: a dubious reply.
2.of doubtful quality or propriety; questionable: a dubious compliment; a dubious transaction.
3.of uncertain outcome: in dubious battle.
4.wavering or hesitating in opinion; inclined to doub

1. equivocal, ambiguous, obscure, unclear. 4. undecided, uncertain, hesitant, fluctuating. See doubtful.



1.outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended: an ostensible cheerfulness concealing sadness.
2.apparent, evident, or conspicuous: the ostensible truth of their theories.

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