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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TEFL International Resolution

Bruce Veldhuisen and I have officially resolved our dispute and both have made statements regarding this matter which appear below:

Over the last several months, I have been posting on various websites about my unhappiness with TEFL International. And I believe I had a point. While my first trainer was very good, I had problems with my second trainer and I failed some of my assignments. In my frustration, instead of trying to resolve the issue with TEFL International, I read some websites, jumped to some conclusions, and began making threats. I am afraid my emotions got the best of me and I never gave TEFL International an opportunity to resolve the problem. Now Bruce has contacted me and offered a resolution that we both find acceptable. I would like to thank Bruce and TEFL International for making the effort to resolve this issue despite my attacks. I can recommend TEFL International as an honest and professional organization.

Brandon Fike

I would like to personally apologize to Brandon. The fact is the course he participated in was below our normal standards. It was a combined course (partial distance learning, partial face-to-face) offered for a customer in Bangkok. Information was not given to the trainees and this caused miscommunication and then frustration. Obviously we wish every course was perfect. I would like to thank Brandon for overcoming his anger and allowing us to find a fair resolution to his dissatisfaction—something we always seek to do with the occasional unhappy customers.

Bruce Veldhuisen


Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon,

I'm Topper, the former moderator from Teflwatch (before it became TSR). You mentioned that you would like to hear from me and other mods about what we've said about TW/TSR and its admin.

my email address is

I think an expose' on TSR reporting on TI might open yours and others eyes.

Chao Ren said...

Do you want me to e-mail you or would you rather just make a post here?