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Monday, May 12, 2008

This week's worksheet - Xenophobia.

Xenophobia (Xe-no-pho-bi-a)
Xenophobia is a fear or contempt of that which is foreign or unknown, especially of strangers or foreign people. The term is typically used to describe fear or dislike of foreigners or in general of people different from oneself.

As with all phobias, a xenophobic person is aware of the fear, and therefore has to believe at some level that the target is in fact a foreigner.

For xenophobia there are two main objects of the phobia. The first is a population group present within a society that is not considered part of that society. Often they are recent immigrants, but xenophobia may be directed against a group which has been present for centuries. This form of xenophobia can elicit or facilitate hostile and violent reactions, such as mass expulsion of immigrants, or in the worst case, genocide.
The second form of xenophobia is primarily cultural, and the objects of the phobia are cultural elements which are considered alien. All cultures are subject to external influences, but cultural xenophobia is often narrowly directed, for instance at foreign loan words in a national language. It rarely leads to aggression against individual persons, but can result in political campaigns for cultural or linguistic purification.

1.) What is xenophobia?

2.) What are the two main objects of xenophobia?

3.) What is your attitude towards foreigners? Are you ‘xenophobic’?

4.) Do you respect foreigners as much as you respect Chinese people? Explain.

5.) In your opinion, why are some people xenophobic?


1.) Fear: 惮, 忌惮, 恐惧, 懔
2.) Contempt: 轻视
3.) Foreign: 外来
4.) Unknown: 不得而知, 不明, 未知
5.) Especially: 格外, 特别是, 尤其
6.) Stranger: 陌生人
7.) Term: 术语
8.) Typical: 典型
9.) Describe: 摹画, 形容
10.) General: 大都
11.) Phobia: 恐惧症
12.) Aware: 察觉
13.) Level: 程度
14.) Target: 目标, 目的
15.) Main: 头等, 主要
16.) Object: 事物, 物, 物件
17.) Purify: 净化
18.) Society: 都会, 社会
19.) Consider: 忖, 考量, 揆
20.) Recent: 最近
21.) Immigrant: 移民者
22.) Century: 世纪
23.) Form: 式, 类
24.) Elicit: 引导出
25.) Facilitate: 使容易
26.) Hostile: 怀敌意
27.) Violent: 暴力, 暴烈
28.) Reaction: 反应
29.) Mass: 大量
30.) Expel: 赶走
31.) Case: 例子
32.) Genocide: 种族清洗
33.) Primarily: 主要地
34.) Elements: 因素, 元件, 组成
35.) Alien: 外来, 对外
36.) Subject: 遭到
37.) External: 外, 外来
38.) Influence: 影响
39.) Narrow: 狭, 戋
40.) Linguistic: 语言学的
41.) Aggression: 侵略
42.) Individual: 个人

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