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Monday, May 12, 2008

Proof that I rock.

Last week I gave my students a writing assignment. I basically asked them which country they'd like to visit/live in for a year if given the choice.

What follows is one of the student's responses:

If I could live in a different country for one year, I would choose America.

The most important reasons is: My English teacher is American. My classmates and I love him. So, I love America.

America is as big as China. America attracts many Chinese people who immigrate (to) this country. Americans are richer than Chinese people. This country people are very friendly and open. If I could live with an American family for a year, I could improve my spoken English (and) expand my awareness of the world.

Niu Yue (New York) is a beautiful country. And in this city science and technology is developed. and this city is famous all over the world. If I could live (in) Niu Yue I will find a(n) American boy. Because I think find another country's boy will be different. After a year, I will go back to China. China is my mother country. I like it very much.

Wang Si Si

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