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Monday, April 7, 2008

The Elephant Man

This week in school I am giving my students a worksheet which is blank aside from a single picture of "The Elephant Man" who none of my students are familiar with.

Their task is to create a biography about the Elephant Man based solely on his picture and a list of questions I provide them with.
Here is Jiang Kun's written response (April 10, 2008):
A story about Tim. Tim is a great man. He was born in 1963. He all stay in hometown, and he town is a beautiful city. he have two son and a daughter. His wife is a teacher. His mother and father was die in 1976.
Tim work in University professor. He teach history. In 1980, He compile a best seller. it name is "Time And History". The book descript relation between time and history. Because this book, make he famous for word.
Afterwards, He spend 10 years research chinese history and in succession compile "Descrip China", "Chinese History And World History" and so on.
So, I think he is a great man. He contribution to World culture. But very regretful, in 1999 He was die in heart disease.
Our cherish the menory of Tim forever!
Ding Sai (April 10, 2008):
Long-long ago, a boy who named Jeames was borned in a volige in 1889.
As he is a child, he lik sports very much, especially basketball. Also, he like swimming and athers too.
But when he growed, he like knowledge very much. He think knowledge can change the world. He is very friendly and also help people. So, he is a man who was popular in his country. There are 4 people in his family, his sister Jely, his father and his mother.
When he was 25, he was married wich a beautiful girl who named kitty. After 5 mach, he was found a job about research knowledge in a large city. He is not only research knowledge but also write book. So, he was already write many famous book. He was died in 1980. After he died, He leave many wealth for people, especiely knowledge and spirit. So, people will never forget him.....
*** Obviously, there are a lot of errors (and many are amusing) but I'm still pretty satisfied with both of these essays because the students' were able to express themselves in English well enough to wear most readers will be able to figure out what they are trying to say. My job is to come in and fix the errors and help them improve their grammar which isn't too tough (obviously) but it is rather time consuming when I have a stack of 300 essays to read and correct!
Zeng Jie Fu (April 8, 2008):
He name was devil.
He was born in hell.
He spend his life in hell.
Li Wan Yan (April 8, 2008):
His name is Kobe. He was born in American. He spends his life for basketball. He was born in 1980. He spends his life in NBA. His personality is special, irritable and confident. He have two children and a very bueatful wife. his job is NBA professional player. his hobbies is lots of sports such as football, baseball and so on. He is a great basketball player. He is hero in my heart. In my mind, "Anything is possible" is from his action. His is the great star in the world and he has many funs in China. Because I'm his funs, too.

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