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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Met Gary Busey Today

I was walking around Point Dune Beach in Malibu today and taking pics, as usual, when someone sitting behind me told me the back of my legs were getting red and that I should put some sunscreen on them. I turned around and it was an elderly man in a t-shirt, shorts, sunglasses and a baseball cap. He was smoking a cigar. I told him he looked familiar and he smiled and said I might know who he was. Then I realized I was talking to Gary Busey and told him I love the Amazon Stick commercial he's in. It's a pretty funny commercial and they play it a lot on Hulu so I guess that's how I recognized him. We started chatting, I forget about what exactly, but ended up talking about Obama, the shooting in South Carolina, Racism in America, Some of the movies he's been in (Lethal Weapon, Under Siege, Black Sheep, etc.) and he told me he enjoyed working with Mel Gibson and Chris Farley. I told him I just got out of the Navy so we talked about that for a bit and he told me he plays a Marine in his new movie coming out soon "Candyland". I can't remember everything we talked about but we chatted for a good thirty minutes or longer which was really cool. Gary Busey is a cool dude.

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