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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nothing new to blog about...

It's raining today....again!

The weather has been so weird and inconsistent recently.

It will be hot and sunny one day and cold and rainy the next....the weather is totally unpredictable and it's kind of annoying because I don't know how to dress in the morning.

I'll look out my window and see that it's cold and rainy so I put on several layers and then go out and teach for a few hours.

Then after I emerge from the teaching building the weather has changed to, not warm, but HOT so I have to shed a few layers...ugh.

Anyway, I'm still just kind of counting the days (more like the weeks) until my contract finishes here so that I can take a higher-paying job in a different city.

I actually might consider staying in Changsha if I get a higher-paying job and if I can live closer to the downtown area.

Right now I'm kind of out in the rural part of town and it takes me nearly an hour on the bus to get into the, I do have access to the city but I'd prefer to just live IN the city!

I'm starting to widen my net a bit as well....Shanghai is still my number one choice but I'd be willing to work in Ningbo or Suzhou (which are both close to Shanghai) or even Wenzhou.

Changsha isn't a bad city or anything it's just that I've already been here for nearly a year and I'm ready for a change....again.

I'll definetly be in China for a while but I don't think I could stay in this area for much longer just because I know I could make more money in another city (doing the same job) and be able to mingle with more foreigners and NOT BE POINTED AND STARED AT......


swh bfr said...

Shang hai would be a very good choice. Since U've been in China for so many years, I guess there might be some students of yours who can helpsome in shanghai.

Chao Ren said...

Yeah, I think Shanghai would be fun but I'm also considering working in Tianjin since it is close to Beijing.

I guess I'll wait a few more weeks and see what kind of job offers come my way.