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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today's Mandarin Exercises

(I am very disappointed with his work performance.)
wo dui (toward) ta de gongzuo
biaoxian (performance) hen shi wang (disappointed).

(I didn't receive his gift, I'm very disappointed.)
Mei you shou dao (to receive) ta de liwu (gift),
wo hen shi wang (disappointed).

(This city isn't as good as I imagined it would be. I'm a little disappointed.)
Zhe ge chengshi mei wo xiang xiang (to imagine)
de hao, wo you dianr (slightly) shi wang.

(Let's break up, and not hurt each other anymore.)
Wo men fenshou (to split up) ba, bu yao zai (again)
hu xiang (each other) shanghai (to hurt) le.

(Everyone learn together, help each other, and enjoy it.)
Da jia yi qi (together) xue xi, hu xiang (each other) bang zhu (to help),
guo (to spend) de hen yukuai (happy).

(The most important thing for lovers is that they trust each other.)
Qinglu (lovers) zhijian (between) huxiang xinren (trust) shi zui zhongyao de.

(I came to China to be with my girlfriend.)
Wo lai Zhong guo shi weile (in order) gen (with)
wo nu peng you zai yi qi (together).

(In order to have a good body, I stick to a daily workout routine.)
Weile you ge hao shen ti, jianchi (to persist) mei tian duanlian (to exercise).


swh bfr said...

How long are you going to stay in china?你打算在中国留多长时间?What's your plan for next year?你明年的计划是什么?:)

Chao Ren said...

I will probably stay in China for a long plan for next year is to move to Shanghai or a city close to Shanghai.

Thanks for reading my blog.